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S.A.I.L. Ohio

School for Autistically Impaired Learners, S.A.I.L.
Executive Director, CED, PhD
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About Us
Mrs. Bewie, S.A.I.L. OT-Sensory
Integration Specialist
S.A.I.L. Mission Statement
The mission of S.A.I.L. is to prepare S.A.I.L. children for INCLUSION by providing instructional methodologies and behavioral techniques with related therapies, viz., Speech Language Therapy, ABA Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integration Therapy, Music Therapy, and Art Therapy ~ all recommended by the National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council (Lord, 2002). S.A.I.L. inplements the competency-based-mandated curricula of the Ohio Department of Education.
MAJOR S.A.I.L. Mission: Actualizing inclusion with age-appropriate and grade level neuro-typical peers in an educational setting with one-to-one S.A.I.L. support.

S.A.I.L. Philosophy Statement
The philosophy of S.A.I.L. is to enhance the growth of every S.A.I.L. child, one-on-one, in the cognitive, sensory, social, affective-emotional, physical, linguistic, and aesthetic domains. The family of every S.A.I.L. child is of utmost importance.
MAJOR S.A.I.L. Philosophy: Supporting one-to-one instruction, across the curricula, with the awareness and ultimate emergence of a child's spirit and individual personhood.

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